Tantra Fitness Burnaby Turns One

Our Burnaby location has now officially spun around the sun more than 365 days which means it has officially been open for one year. Our 2500 square foot studio lives in the heart of Burnaby and has 12 poles, parking in front, and an amazing staff of Studio Coordinators and Instructors. This studio’s location is a part of Burnaby’s up-and-coming … Read More

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not only is Caroline MacGillivray a phenomenal Tantra Fitness teacher but she is a true leader in the Vancouver community. She’s a radio show host, has Masters in Medical Qi Gong, is a yoga teacher (she even teaches bunny yoga) and is the Founder of Beauty Night Society. Beauty Night Society builds self-esteem and changes the lives of women and … Read More

The Benefits of Pole

A lot of people underestimate the many fantastic benefits of pole dancing. There’s a lot of positive effects on the mind and body when you are practicing pole dance frequently and we want to share wth you a few enticing reasons to get into the world of pole. You will burn a lot of calories Tammy Morris, Tantra Fitness Founder, … Read More

Tantra Gets Sassy

The relationship between Tantra Fitness and Army of Sass Vancouver (AOS) is a beautiful thing. Because Tantra is all about community, sass, confidence and passion, it was a natural fit to partner with AOS. We’ve invited them into our Mount Pleasant studio to teach SASS Class twice a week. Army of Sass is a heels dance training and performance program … Read More

The Act of Loving Yourself

L.O.V.E. This magical four letter word means many different things to many different people. Love can be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection and this feeling can be towards a wide variety of things in the world. The feeling of love is special and it’s important to truly love yourself because YOU are amazing. Most people associate February … Read More