If it’s not fun, we don’t do it! Tantra Fitness offers you the most fun fitness classes in the city. While our roots are in Pole Dance, we also offer Dance Fitness and Aerial Classes.

Dance Fitness Classes

Dance Fitness Classes are classes focused on a combination of cardio, strength conditioning, choreography, and flexibility. Not all Dance Fitness Classes have a dance/choreography component, but they are all designed to touch on all aspects of fitness.

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Pole Dance Classes

The Pole Fitness program at Tantra Fitness is successful because we are meticulous with breaking everything down. We start from the very beginning and focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills as we progress through the levels. Every progressive Pole class includes a conditioning component to make sure you are getting stronger for the next level. We teach everyone from a person who has never touched a pole before to world-class pole fitness competitors!

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Aerial Classes

Tantra Fitness offers Aerial Hoop classes as well as Silks classes in progressive levels. Our Aerial Program is lead by Head of Aerial Arts - Katie Cresswell. Just like our pole classes, we train aerial artists who have never even touched an apparatus before, all the way to performance-level!

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Courses & Workshops

Workshops and Courses at Tantra Fitness are a great way to check out our studios and to try something different. We also offer courses and workshops that are a great addition to your regular Tantra Fitness workout regime!

Tantra Fitness have also been honoured to host some of the biggest “Pole Stars” in the world including Jenyne Butterfly, Steven Retchless, Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang, Estee Zakar, Vladimir Karachunov, Charlee Wagner, Phoenix Kazaree, Edouard Doye... just to name a few.

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