Aerial Classes


*Classes may not be offered at every location. Check studio schedules for class details.
Attire: Long leggings that cover past knees for Aerial Hoop, and to ankles for Silks.  Avoid loose or baggy bottoms.  For tops, semi-fitted to fitted capped-sleeve t-shirt, or wear a tank top and bring a sleeved layer.

This introductory class will give you a chance to try out both Silks, Hammock and Hoop. This class is the prerequisite for all aerial courses. Once completed you may move on to L1 of Silks, Hammock and Hoop. You will learn basic positions and poses. No experience is required. Please wear long tights and a capped sleeve at the least to cover the armpits. Please no buttons or zippers as well as no jewelry.

It's the apocalypse. You want to survive. You must be prepared. Food and water are at the ready, but is your body? No previous aerial experience required but it will definitely help your plight as we use both the hoops and silks to condition and get our bodies ready for...well...just about anything. Some of the exercises will involve being upside-down using just your arms or your legs. Please wear form fitting clothes and long leggings for this reason!

This class is practice time for all students currently working their way through the aerial curriculum. It is self directed, so you must have enough things to practice that you can occupy yourself for the full class. Instructors will lead a warm up, cool down and will be on hand to help you throughout class. They will not be teaching any new material.

*PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS TO LET THE TEACHER KNOW WHICH APPARATUS YOU WOULD LIKE RIGGED. YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME TO BRING YOUR OWN BUT THE TEACHER WILL NEED TO RIG FOR YOU. Latecomers with their own apparatuses will be required to use studio equipment. No buttons, zippers or jewellery can be worn on the Silks or Hammocks!!

Come for a yoga experience like you’ve never had before…yoga in the air! This class focuses on fusing the principals of stability (strength) and mobility (flexibility). This class allows for creative exploration by showing various levels of difficulty and support. Because you do not have the floor to impede you, you will be able to get deeper into your poses. Then relax in the hammock at the end of class as it sways you into deep relaxation. Must be comfortable inverting/going upside down. Please wear long pants or tights and capped sleeved shirt, or something that covers under the arms.

Expect a fun, loaded, high energy workout when stepping into a harness around your waist attached to a bungee cord. The first 10 - 15 minutes of this class will be spent setting everyone up and adjusting harnesses and height. The last 5 minutes will be exiting and unhooking so the total bungee time will be approximately 35 - 40 mins. This class will take cardio and resistance training to the next level while challenging your balance causing you to engaging your core the entire time. The bungee absorb the impact making it gentle on the joints. The Bungee helps support the body weight making it high intensity but low impact on the joints. So if you have minor pre-existing conditions, you can still do this type of exercise and the load on the joints is much lighter. Whether you are a beginner or cardio experts you are in for a treat! Come experience the feeling of flying, it will almost make you forget you are doing a workout. To feel the most comfortable in your harness please wear tighter workout pants and a shirt or tank top. Bring indoor running shoes.

Ideally, no heavy meals 2 hours before class, stay hydrated and don't forget your sweat towel!

Just like any other high-intensity training you want to consult your physician if you have low or high blood pressure, any heart conditions or are pregnant.

Weight restrictions and sizes:

Small: suitable for user weights 80 -120 pounds or 36 - 54 kg

Medium: suitable for user weights 115 - 140 pounds or 52 - 64 kg

Large: suitable for user weights 135 - 200 pounds or 61 - 91 kg

The maximum weight restriction is 300 pounds, using one extra Bungee cord. Please let the instructor know if you need an extra bungee.

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