Dance Fitness Classes

Our Dance Classes offer a range of styles and a combination of cardio, strength conditioning, choreography, and flexibility. Not all Dance Classes have a dance/choreography component, but they are all designed to touch on all aspects of fitness and safety. Check out our Class Descriptions for lower/moderate intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity Dance classes we are currently offering!

*Classes may not be offered at every location. Check studio schedules for class details.

Intro to Erotic Movement
Learn the art of sensual and erotic movement in this intro level floor work class. No experience necessary! This is a safe space for everyone to feel sexy and empowered while gaining a better mind-body connection. You will learn mini routines to help you get comfortable with your body and this style of dance. Heels are welcome but not mandatory. A portion of the class will go over heel technique and movement. This is a must try for anyone interested in Erotica, Lap Dance or Chair dance.

This is a 19+ Class. If your birthday is not entered on your profile, you will not be able to register for this class.

**Knee pads, thigh-high socks, or leggings are highly recommended.


Erotica L1
Bring your high heels and get ready to unleash your inner vixen by gaining body awareness and confidence in this super fun class. Must be 19+. N.B.: because floorwork can be hard on bony knees, feel free to bring knee pads or other protective gear.

Dancer’s Stretch/Sexy Flexy
Is your goal to get your splits, improve your range of motion, and just be more flexible overall? Take this all-levels stretch class! Each class will vary in different stretching exercises targeting different areas of the body. If you’re saying “I’m not flexible enough to take this class,” well this is the class for you! No stretching experience or degree of flexibility required.

What are your splits goals? Is it your resolution this year? Whether you have never attempted the splits, are working on that last inch, or trying to achieve the over-split, this class will open the specific muscle groups that will allow you to access your splits-ability! All levels welcomed!

Bendy Back
Come work on stretching and strengthening your shoulders, back and hips to achieve your bendy back goals! The class will focus on active flexibility to decrease risk of injury by strengthening your muscles. This class utilizes a variety of different stretching techniques like PNF, passive, dynamic and active stretches to open up your body. Different levels and modifications are offered so all-levels are welcome.

Roll It Out Self Myofascial Release
This class will explore our myofascial system. Our bodies have a covering of connective tissue called fascia. This fascia wraps and connects the muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels. A tight fascia can restrict movement in the underlying muscles. Releasing the fascia can alleviate chronic pain, help establish better postural balance, release deep muscle tension, aid in lymphatic drainage and increase joint range of motion. The first half of the class, we will use a foam roller and then in the second half a tennis ball or similar sized ball. We will use these props and functional movements to release the fascia. The outcome is similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. The goal is to soften and lengthen the fascia, and break down scar tissue or adhesions leaving you feeling lighter, energized and more fluid. This class is perfect for all skill levels. At the end of class, you should feel rejuvenated, balanced and restored.

*remember to have a tennis or similar sized ball and a foam roller.