The Benefits of Pole

A lot of people underestimate the many fantastic benefits of pole dancing. There's a lot of positive effects on the mind and body when you are practicing pole dance frequently and we want to share wth you a few enticing reasons to get into the world of pole.

You will burn a lot of calories

Tammy Morris, Tantra Fitness Founder, shared that, “during a typical pole dancing lesson, a beginner can expect to burn between 290 and 400 calories an hour, while an advanced pole student could burn up to 700 calories (depending on the class)!”

Your confidence will grow

Your skills on the pole will transition into real life and you will be able to move more gracefully. From all of the pole dancing you are doing, your posture will improve and you will walk a little taller.

Your stress will begin to melt away

“One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing is actually related to your psychological and emotional health. When you are stressed, adrenaline starts slowly building up in your body, making you anxious, easily annoyed and depressed. An intense pole dancing session will help you blow out all that adrenaline and cause your body to start producing endorphins, the hormone associated with feelings of euphoria. You will be calmer and happier after a good workout.” – via Lifehack


It doesn’t feel like exercise

Pole dancing is so much fun that it’s easy to forget that you are working out. A lot of pole dancers find this the best way to break a sweat and get their workouts into their schedule.

It’s good for your heart

“Pole dancing is as good for your heart as any form of moderate-to-intense aerobic training, and since all the muscles are being engaged at some point, regular exercise promotes blood flow. This is particularly important for women who live a sedentary lifestyle and spend hours sitting in a chair.” –Lifehack

There’s an awesome loving and accepting pole community (local and global)

The people who pole dance are really special. They are people you meet in classes, workshops or in the change room. You all have something in common and that is your love for pole. There’s a real sense of friendship and encouragement within the pole fitness community and you’ll most often be surrounded by positivity. Tantra Fitness offers a safe space for everyone and anyone to come to be who they authentically are. You will inevitably develop a pole family and when you pole with us you become part of the Tantra Fitness family.

There is also a large and passionate pole community on social media and it’s fun to see what people are up to around the world. This is a great way to meet other people at a global level and we invite you to join our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community!


You can do pole at home

Can’t find a pole dance class or studio in your neck of the woods? Did you know that you can pole dance from the comfort of your own home? You will need to buy a pole and we offer Tantra Tutorials which are online tutorials that you can do from anywhere in the world. We invite you to learn from us, wherever you may be!

Are you interested in popping your pole dance cherry? Check out our FREE Intro to Pole Classes for the month of March in Richmond, Burnaby, and Mount Pleasant.