Tantra Gets Sassy

The relationship between Tantra Fitness and Army of Sass Vancouver (AOS) is a beautiful thing. Because Tantra is all about community, sass, confidence and passion, it was a natural fit to partner with AOS. We've invited them into our Mount Pleasant studio to teach SASS Class twice a week.

Army of Sass is a heels dance training and performance program for women of all levels. It is a chance to gain confidence and physical strength while working to improve your dance skills in the sassy heels style, and performing in a themed term-end production. AOS has 21 locations all across Canada and you can find AOS right here in Vancouver.

SASS Class is a class where you will get to learn fundamentals of Heels Technique! The class begins with a warm-up and AOS’s signature Sass Drills, then head right into Beyonce-style choreography designed to improve your dance technique, while sweating hard in a high energy environment. This is a positive space for all body types, ages and levels. You can wear heels or a sneaker to this class, and dress in anything that makes you feel comfortable and SASSY!

“AOS has been longtime fans of Tantra Fitness because they represent the same values that we have at AOS. We’ve been looking for a way to collaborate for a while and so we came up with this partnership!” Vanessa Young, Co-owner of AOS Vancouver explained.

With Tantra hosting the SASS Class in their studio, this helps provide another safe space for people to express themselves while uniting both of our communities.

Young shared that she’s excited about the partnership. She said that she is “excited to show the Tantra team what Heels Technique (SASS Class) is all about. Many Tantra members may have not has a chance to try this class yet and I can’t wait to share our knowledge. This class will help make the Tantra members even stronger.”

What does AOS have in store for Vancouver in 2017? Young shared, “[AOS is] working on our newest show which is a sassy rendition of Snow White and it comes out at the end of March.”

Young’s final thoughts on why you should try SASS Class: Always do it. You will never know how much you will love a class unless you show up and do it. All you have to do is show up!”

We love what Army of SASS stands for and together we will continue to be classy, continue to be confident and will always be ourselves.

SASS Class is included in monthly Tantra Fitness memberships. Interested in joining the SASS Class revolution? This class takes place every Tuesday at 7:30 pm and Saturdays at 1:15 pm at Tantra Fitness' Mt. Pleasant location.