CPFC 2017 Recap

On Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10, 60 pole athletes from all across Canada came together in Vancouver for the Canadian National Pole Championship (sponsored by X-Pole and Presented by Axle Alley Auto Repair). These pole athletes were already deemed some of the best in their province and were now competing to be the best in the country! The … Read More

National Pole Fitness Championship Draws Men and Women of all Ages to Vancouver

Vancouver, BC – On June 9 and 10, 2017, 60 men and women from all over Canada will be descending upon Vancouver to compete in the 8th annual pole fitness competition: X-Pole Presents the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship sponsored by Axle Alley. Competitors come from many different levels of experience and backgrounds. This will be the first time competing for … Read More

Rebekah Mullen: Survivor


  It’s a well-worn, often overused cliché: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But sometimes, in special cases, the cliché fits. And Rebekah Mullen is one of those cases. In 2008, while training as a professional cyclist, Rebekah was involved in a horrific crash, suffering a multitude of broken bones and other injuries. As painful as the physical scars … Read More

Rosalyn Mow: A Rapid Rise to the Top

  What do you get when you take a soft-spoken Vancouverite – a former rhythmic gymnast and Chinese dancer, with a heap of athletic talent – and introduce her to the sport of pole dancing? The answer: within two years she is crowned champion at the U.S. National Championships. Meet Rosalyn Mow. People come to Pole Dancing from a variety … Read More