National Pole Fitness Championship Draws Men and Women of all Ages to Vancouver

Vancouver, BC - On June 9 and 10, 2017, 60 men and women from all over Canada will be descending upon Vancouver to compete in the 8th annual pole fitness competition: X-Pole Presents the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship sponsored by Axle Alley. Competitors come from many different levels of experience and backgrounds. This will be the first time competing for Tantra Fitness student Alex Hart, and he is one of the six males who are fighting for the title of pole champion.

Hart, a single father of two grown boys, had various jobs in farming, logging, and on the oil rigs. To break a sweat he would train in martial arts, jujitsu and currently enjoys surfing, partnered social dancing and pole fitness. He owns an automotive repair shop and has been a mechanic for many years. He used to spend many hours at gyms but had never had a six pack until he trained on the pole. Alex’s pole fitness journey began in 2015 which is when he truly felt inspired.

Alex Hart in a shoulder mount

“I was inspired when I saw Lyne Wainright compete in 2015 at the B.C. Provincials in the Masters Division, at 61 years young. That girl really brought it and gave her all in that performance. I realized it's not all over at 35 years old in the world of pole dance. In 2016 I submitted a video for CPFA and was accepted to compete. That year I won the Provincials but wasn't good enough (yet) to go to Nationals. However, this year I get to compete in Nationals,” Hart shared.

“What began as a female-dominated art form has slowly been gaining popularity with men, lending a hand to the legitimization of the sport. I am personally excited to see this evolution as helps diminish the automatic associations one may have when they see a woman on the pole,” Tammy Morris, Founder of Tantra Fitness, shared on the evolution of pole fitness.

Tantra Fitness is proud to be a part of the 8th Canadian Pole Fitness National Championships. Other sponsors include X-POLE, Axle Alley Auto Repair, 2 Guys with Knives, MVMTLAB, PoleFit by BadKitty, Pole Sport Organization and Cherry Blossom Boutique.Two new divisions have been added this year for a total of 9 divisions, competing over 2 days. We anticipate an outstanding show, packed with exciting, artistic and gymnastic talent. You can purchase your tickets HERE.

The Canadian Pole Fitness Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating standards in the pole fitness industry. They are a registering body for Pole Fitness Instructors and we sanction competitions across Canada.

BONUS: On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Tammy Morris was a guest on CBC's North by Northwest and you can check out her interview (at 1 hour & 30 minutes) by clicking the image below: