The Intro to Pole Experience

It happened….you finally want to try pole fitness. It’s okay because it happened to me, too! I'm Blair and I'm a new pole student. How did I decide to take a class? Well, I was in awe of all of the pole athletes and their physical strength and I knew that I had to try the sport! So, I signed up for an Intro to Pole class.

Tantra Fitness was the first pole fitness studio in Vancouver and Tammy Morris, Tantra’s Founder, has created a tried-tested-and-true curriculum for pole fitness. Before diving into the lessons, you must learn the basics which is why Intro to Pole was created.

Intro to Pole is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED before starting Pole 101 Signature Series. In this class you will learn the important fundamentals you must have for the Pole 101 Signature Series including basic moves and how to put it together.

It can be a little nerve-racking walking into a pole studio for your first time. So, arrive early so that you can select the pole you want. Naturally, I chose the back left corner. The room has mirrors at the front so you are able to see what you are doing. The teacher will start the class off with a warm-up and this definitely helps break the tension in the room. As soon as the warm up is done you will begin to learn. After learning something new, you will be given time to practice that move (which is really fun).

The main things learned in this one-hour class are:

  1. The proper muscle recruitment and alignment to safely execute moves.
  2. The fundamentals of creating momentum.
  3. How to walk around the pole and protect the wrist
  4. A basic spin and transition move on the static pole
  5. The difference between spin and static pole
  6. One spin pole move

The class I took flew by and it left me wanting more. This class had a mix of men and women and this class is 100% suitable for all ages, genders, and levels. So, if you have no rhythm and two left feet, like me, this is for you or if you are a dancer or athlete, this is for you and if you are a fifty-year-old man, this is also for you. This was a great workout and it was filled with laughter and sweat. I can honestly say that I walked out of that class feeling a lot more confident in myself and my biloty to be graceful.

Once you have completed the Intro to Pole class you can explore the Pole 101 Signature Series. There are 3 colour series in level 101: Brown, Black, and Grey (spin pole). Each series has 4 shades within it. You will learn two moves in each class and how to link them together. You may start in any series and take the colours in any order within the series. You may also attend more than 1 series at a time. You must take 4 static classes (Brown and/or Black) and 4 spin classes (Grey) before moving on to level 202.

So, why not try it out? You know you want to sign up for Intro to Pole!