Get Lean 2017 with Yolanda Hughes

Kick those poor eating habits and get lean in this 12 week challenge with 2 Time Arnold Classic Ms International Champion Yolanda Hughes! Get ready for the most transformative 12 weeks of your life as you follow customized meal and workout plans and track your progress with Yolanda Hughes! Prizes for the the Leanest, Most Engaged and the Sweatiest! It’s … Read More

Prevent Shoulder Injury with Dr. Jeff Almon

In this four hour intensive seminar, Dr. Jeff will pass on his knowledge to help you understand, prevent and achieve. 3-4 pm – What’s and why’s: Theory explanation and anatomy exploration 4-5 pm- Retrain the brain: 1 hour of practical body stability exercises and integrated theory 5-5.30 pm- Refuel with an afternoon tea provided by MVMTLAB and Tantra Fitness 5.30-6.30-MVMT … Read More