Prevent Shoulder Injury with Dr. Jeff Almon

Want to understand your body-brain connection better? Ready to change your relationship with pain through exploration of stabilization? Then get ready for Bazooka, the shoulder reprogramming brain child of Dr. Jeff Almon of MVMTLAB. Spend the afternoon discovering the hows, whys and whats of our body's physiology and get real, practical techniques to use in evolving your body's resistance to pain and injury.
Wanting to help athletes and patients prevent injury through strengthening and reprogramming, Dr. Almon developed a series of progressive stabilization exercises to address the repetitive ongoing concerns he saw as a chiropractor and through sports rehabilitation.

In this four hour intensive seminar, Dr. Jeff will pass on his knowledge to help you understand, prevent and achieve.

3-4 pm - What's and why's: Theory explanation and anatomy exploration

4-5 pm- Retrain the brain: 1 hour of practical body stability exercises and integrated theory

5-5.30 pm- Refuel with an afternoon tea provided by MVMTLAB and Tantra Fitness

5.30-6.30-MVMT is key: Learn shoulder stability exercises and the theory behind them

6.30-7.30- S.O.S (Save our shoulders) : Interactive troubleshooting to help you get the answers you need for optimum performance.


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Sunday, July 24th, 2016


Gastown Studio
314 Water St, Vancouver, BC