Miss Pole Dance Taboo 2017

The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show, Western Canada’s largest Adult Trade Show, is just around the corner which means so is the annual Miss Pole Dance Taboo competition presented by Tantra Fitness. We began this event six years ago and it’s evolved into quite the competition. This year there are three divisions - Amateur, Semi-Pro, & Pro - and competitors are expertly placed in the correct division.

A few of the Miss Pole Dance 2017 competitors

How did the idea of Miss Pole Dance Taboo happen?

Pole dancing is a very athletic sport that requires motivation, determination, and strength. Anyone can get into the sport but it takes a certain frame of mind to be a competitive pole dancer. Tammy Morris, the Founder of Tantra Fitness, started this competition because Tantra Fitness’ exotic program was (and continues to be) very popular and nothing like this competition existed six years ago. Hosting the competition at Taboo has a lot of synergy and simply made sense.

“I am the founder of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association and we host the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships all across the nation, but those are very strict - no heels, no costume removal, the gluteal fold must be covered, etc... So I have always wanted to have a more relaxed competition that allows more freedom. What a better venue than the Taboo Show! The people that come there are open-minded and liberal and most of all very accepting of a more sensual style of pole dance. If anything, we are probably one of the least "sexual' things there!” Tammy shared.

Why does Tantra Fitness love hosting the competition?

Tammy loves hosting this competition because it is fairly casual plus it’s an opportunity for pole enthusiasts to showcase their love of the Exotic Dance artform.

“While some competition can bring out cattiness, this one brings out nothing but love and support for one another. And of course being surrounded by an amazing expo with a ton of vendors and other amazing entertainers makes it something I look forward to every year (this is Tantra's 13th year at Taboo)!” said Tammy.

What does Miss Pole Dance Taboo have in store for this year’s competition?

This year, Miss Pole Dance Taboo has all three divisions full, which is a testament to the growth and popularity of the sport.

“We have Amateur and Pro Semi-Finals on Friday 8pm-9pm, Semi-Pro Semi-Finals on Saturday 8pm-9pm. The 9 finalists from Friday and Saturday will compete for #1 in the Finals on Sunday 4:15pm-5:15pm. When we started this competition four years ago we had to ask people to compete. We have gained so much momentum that we now have to ask for video submissions,” Tammy explained.

Tammy’s advice for girls/boys who want to win the title of Miss Pole Dance Taboo:

“As a former exotic dancer, I know what wins a competition. Of course, you need some skill, but you could be the best technical pole dancer in the world and if you have no audience engagement, your chances of winning are much less. You need to be the complete package, you need technical skill, grace and most importantly, personality! You need to be able to entertain and engage.”

A few of the Miss Pole Dance 2017 competitors

Each year the competition is tight! Check out this video of Phoenix Rose from Miss Pole Dance Taboo 2015. She was the winner of the Pro division and this year she will be defending her title:

We invite you to join us at Taboo this weekend (February 3-5, 2017) and to check out the competition! Good luck to everyone competing and we are proud of everyone who entered.