Food is Fuel – How to Get Lean in 2017

When physically active, it’s important to fuel your body with the correct type and amount of nutrition. You can do all of the research that you want, but one of the best ways to create the right workout and nutrition program is by working with professionals. Yolanda Hughes has partnered with Tantra Fitness to create the Tantra Fitness 12-Week Challenge. Leading the fitness component to this Challenge is our very own Tammy Morris and this program is made so that anyone can do it.

Because food is delicious and important we had Tammy take us on a food journey over a day in her life.

Meal #1 at 9 am

Protein shake:

1 Banana

3 whole large strawberries


Almond milk

Protein powder

Meal #2 at 12 pm

3 Eggs

3 tablespoons Pace Picante

1 piece dry whole wheat toast

Meal #3 at 3 pm

2 cheese sticks

1 piece bread

Meal # 4 at 6 pm

Chicken or Turkey

Veggie (steamed) or Salad




During our 12-Week Challenge, you will want to eat snacks and you can chow down on things like apples, cucumbers, peppers or other veggies. It’s also healthy to allow yourself one cheat meal a week (Tammy usually has her cheat meal on Saturdays).

Staying hydrated is very important too. Still water or sparkling water will do the trick. Tammy likes to drink two liters of sparkling water a day and she does not like still water so her Soda Stream is her lifeline!

Another tip is if sweets and treats get you weak in the knees DO NOT keep them in the house.

Eating for fitness and health doesn’t have to be boring or daunting and it can be very tasty and we will help guide you. The 12-Week Challenge begins on February 15th, 2017. Your first week will be tracking what you eat in a daily journal. At the end of the first week, Yolanda will host an informational workshop and kick-off the most transformative 12 weeks of your life. She will weigh and take measurements of each participant, as well as take your food journal for analysis so she can provide you with the appropriate meal plan for your first 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks after, you will be weighed and measured at Tantra Fitness, and you will be given a new 2-week meal plan until 90 days is over. In addition, you will be given a suggested workout plan at Tantra Fitness set out by Founder and Head Instructor - Tammy Morris.

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