Circus Classes NOW INCLUDED!

You Want It? You Got It.

Starting June 2016, Silks Level 1 and Aerial Hoop Level 1 will be available for Monthly Members to take with their allowances!

You can cheer loudly, it's okay.

  • The only prerequisite is Intro to Aerial Arts, where you will try both Silks and Aerial Hoop.

  • Once you have taken Intro to Aerial Arts, you can start taking the Silks L1 and/or Aerial Hoop L1 classes right away!

  • Each apparatus has 3 classes in their series that is differentiated by colours. Silks L1 takes on the blue/green shades: Sapphire, Teal, Turquoise. Aerial Hoop L1 takes on the red shades: Ruby, Scarlet, Velvet.

  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE COLOURS IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER! You only want to ensure you have done at minimum one round of all 3 colours in each series before you move on to Silks Lab or Aerial Hoop Lab.

New to Tantra? Here’s How to Participate in Silks & Aerial Hoop Classes

6 Pack Aerial Fitness Punch Card


  • Take Silks L1 series, Aerial Hoop L1 series, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock, Silks & Aerial Hoop Lab, and Aerial Fit.
  • Use at any location.
  • Expires 3 months from purchase date.
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