The Dos and Don’ts of Pole Fitness Fashion

When taking any type of fitness class, comfort and functionality should be the main goals of your outfit. Different sports have different requirements and we’ve compiled a few of the best tips for your pole fitness wardrobe. Shoes Do: Feel free to wear indoor rubber-soled shoes or just bare feet. As a beginner you need to focus on learning all … Read More

One Fitness Pass to Rule them All

MJ Lee instructs the PussyCat Dance at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver BC

Tantra Fitness was recently included in a feature of ClassPass in the Vancouver Courier. Daniela Wilman, program director at Tantra Fitness Vancouver, said the program opens up their studios to customers who may be hesitant to try their classes, which are rooted in pole dancing. “We wanted to just let people who are going to their regular yoga class or … Read More