Tantra Tutorials: Take Classes Anywhere in the World

The beautiful thing about technology is that it has the ability to allow us to have experiences that may not be possible without it. What we are referring to, in this case, is the ability to take pole/dance lessons from the comfort of your own home with our very own Tantra Tutorials.

How does it work? Tantra Tutorials is considered the sexiest online fitness studio teaching you Pole Dance, Exotic Dance, Lap Dance, Striptease, and more! Our members get access to a growing library of over 350 full-length HD video lessons that have been tried and tested at our Tantra Fitness Studio.

We have trained beginners all the way to winning international competitors. Our instructors take pride in giving you the best break downs for every move with detailed explanations. These Tutorials have full sections of foundation tutorials, specifically created for people who are new to pole. We make sure to break down each move into easy to follow components so that you can follow along and develop your skills properly over time.

We have years of experience coaching at the national level, and have incorporated our top tier expertise into Tantra Tutorials. If you are already at an intermediate, advanced, or even super advanced level you will find a large number of tutorials that will keep you challenged and working!

If you become a Gold or Platnium member, you have access to all of these videos but if you want to test the waters, we always have a free tutorial available. The current free tutorial is the Twirly Transition! Use the pole to get low and then back up again with the Twirly Transition! This move is surprisingly hard on your upper body so make sure to keep all the usual engagement cues in mind!


Most people that come into our Tantra Fitness studios pay over $150 per month for access to all of our pole dance, lap dance, striptease, and other fitness classes. One-on-one private lessons from certified instructors routinely cost more than $150 per hour! Our goal with Tantra Tutorials is to provide everyone with the same level of professional lessons that our studio members and pole enthusiasts receive in an affordable online format. We offer two simple membership options that give you access to our entire Tantra Tutorials library for less than $1 per day!

Check out our membership options and join Team Tantra from anywhere in the world.