My First Time at Aerial Yoga

My name is Blair Kaplan and I’ve been practicing yoga since 2005. A few years ago my interest in aerial yoga was piqued when I saw it offered as a class at Wanderlust Festival in Whistler. Sadly, the class filled up and I was unable to try it at the time. It was always in the back of my mind that I, Blair Kaplan, will try aerial yoga!

Just to get you up to speed, aerial yoga is yoga done in a hammock so you can experience the poses in a whole new way. This anti-gravity yoga helps to decompress the spine, stretch your muscles, and build strength. This class ends with a blissful relaxation in the hammock.

Luckily, Tantra Fitness has been offering aerial yoga since 2008 and it just so happened that I was able to fit a Friday night aerial yoga class into my schedule and the talented Caroline MacGillvray was the teacher. The Gastown location was convenient for me because I was in North Vancouver and all I had to do was hop on the Seabus, get off at Waterfront Station and the studio is just a few minute walk from there.

Of course, I invited my friend (Sarah) to join me for class and sure enough, when I got there she and I had silks together. We were both about to experience this class for the first time and we were stoked.

So, before I came to class I was really excited but wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t really know how the silks would be included in the practice or what the vibe would be like. I was also unsure of how much of a “workout” this class would be and the only thing left to do was to dive in and enjoy.

Walking into the studio there were silks hanging from the ceiling with a mat under each silk. The tunes were pumping and I tucked myself into a spot in the back of the room. At first, we were doing yoga and using the silks as part of our poses and I noticed that I was getting a deeper stretch than I normally would have without the silks. During some moments in the class, we were full inside the hammock and shavasanaing in the air. It was so fricken cool and it felt like I was in a cocoon/womb. Also, something that we did that I thought I wouldn’t be into was hang upside down. This was just the release that my body needed and it felt fantastic. I didn’t want this class to end but 55 minutes later, it was over.

Blair's friend, Sarah, hanging upside down.

I felt amazing after the class. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Not only was it a great workout but it was a lot of fun. I used muscles that don’t get as much love as they should (I noticed the next day) and I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to spice up their yoga practice or who simply want to try something awesome.

For the month of May, Tantra Fitness Burnaby is offering a Free Intro to Aerial Yoga class for free (1 class per person). Space is limited so make sure you pre-register.