My First Pole Dance Class

My first pole fitness class tantra fitness vancouver

Walking into my first class, I didn’t fully know what to expect. I had done some research on pole fitness for beginners and discovered three common themes. The first was that, it would be harder than you think. The professionals make pole fitness look beautifully effortless (note to self: it takes way more than an intro class to get there). The second takeaway from my research was that, you would be sore the next day. Pole fitness requires you to engage muscles that you don’t work on a daily basis, especially if your body is used to the same boring exercise routine (like mine is). And finally, my research told me that you would be hooked.

Sure enough, Google was right again! My first pole fitness class was harder than I thought, but that’s what made it so fun. There were so many things to consider with each move: Which hand is dominant? Are your hips out far enough? Are you engaging the right muscles simultaneously?

I was embracing Tantra’s motto of connecting mind, body, and pole throughout the entire class. Although I went to the class alone, I already felt like part of the Tantra community. I got to know a few others in the class who had just as much nervous energy as I did about starting the sport. Lucky for us, a brilliant Tantra instructor, Rachel, was with us every step of the way. Her demonstrations and explanations were easy to follow and she walked around the studio giving personalized advice to help us master each move.

Was I sore the next day? Proudly, yes. This meant I got a good workout and was engaging muscles that needed some love. As much as it appears to be a sport focused on upper body strength, core and leg strength were equally important for momentum and balance.

Halfway through my first class, I knew I would be signing up for a second (and a third). I was hooked. I wanted to improve and learn more and so did my fellow pole-mates.

Here are some tips for newbies, from a newbie:

  1. Be Barefoot – no socks, no shoes. This helps with grip and feeling lighter on the pole.
  2. Make Friends in the Studio – if you are doing the Intro Pole series, you will likely see the same participants again next week!
  3. Ask Questions – the teachers are there to help you reach your goals and exceed your expectations.
  4. Don’t Be Scared – you having nothing to lose. Give it your all and reap the benefits!

One of my favourite things about the class was that there was no mention of pole dancing as risqué. It is a sport and an art! Don’t let misconceptions stop you from giving pole fitness a try!