Instagram Accounts We Love: Part 1

If you are anything like us, you love to post to Instagram or spending time cruising the app. There are so many fascinating people/businesses with accounts out there and we are always looking for cool and sexy posts. Along the way we find some pretty spectacular pole/aerial arts accounts to follow so we thought we should share some of them with you!


Instagrammer @sarahscottpole is from the U.K. has an account that we love. She's an X-Pole and Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador and her account is a mix of nature, fitness, and pole.

Floating in @fibourkedesign - Shot by @theimagecella ??

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Instagrammer @valeria.poklonskaya comes from Russia and posts a lot of really cool videos to her account and is truly a fit-spiration!


Instagrammer @polecricket is legendary and one account that all pole lovers should follow. Natasha Wang is from the USA and is the IPC Ultimate Champ 2013, 2012 Pole Art 2nd Place, 2011 US Pole Dance Champ and an X-Pole Athlete.


Instagrammer @annamaijanyman posts some really pretty pictures and a lot of pole videos. She is a Pole Art Italy 2016 Champion, three-time National Champion, performer, and instructor.


@greshilovevgeny is a phenomenal pole athlete and a role model to many men in the sport! He's a three-time World Pole Champion and a  seven-time International Pole Champion.

There are a lot of really cool Instagram accounts in the pole and aerial arts world and we want to know who you love. Next time you come across an awesome account on Instagram, DM @tantrafitness so we can follow them too!