Cool Pole Studios Around the Globe

It’s no secret that Tantra Fitness is the Best Pole Studio in Vancouver but outside of our province's borders, there are a few other kick-ass pole studios. If you are ever in their neck of the woods, you should definitely make a point of dropping in for a class or two. Check out our list:

Body and Pole in New York

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Body and Pole is the studio that we recommend checking out if you are in New York City. Their facility features five studios, exclusive retail and merchandise, and hundreds of classes in pole, fabric, hoop, flexibility, and cross-training.

They have over 10,000 square feet of Dance Poles, Aerial Fabric, Aerial Hoop, and lounge space. Body & Pole is considered the largest Pole and Aerial Dance Fitness studio in New York City, offering the experience of intimate classes with world-renowned instructors.

Credit: Body and Pole (Facebook)

Bespun in LA

There’s more to Los Angeles than parties, beaches and movie stars. Bespun is Los Angeles' premier pole dance workout studio where pole dance champions are made! In fact, they were rated International Pole Dance Studio of the Year 2012.

Photo: Bespun (Facebook)

Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas

Heading to Vegas anytime soon? Check out Pole Fitness Studio. Pole Fitness Studio is considered the number one destination in the Las Vegas area for pole dancing parties and classes. They have two pole dancing studios and a third studio room with three removable poles. It’s worth showing up early to class because before (or after) your session, you can hang out in their lobby because they have flat screen TVs and a pretty fantastic patio.

Photo: Pole Fitness Studio (Facebook)

Luxurica in Toyko

Pole Fitness is a global passion and Luxurica in Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan is a pole studio that needs to be on your bucket list. They have 7 poles (spinning/static), 5 ceiling bars plus a great LED spotlight system. Also, they are considered Japan’s largest pole dance studio.

Photo: Luxurica (Facebook)

At Tantra Fitness, we invite pole students from around the world to come and visit us when they are in Vancouver. We think it’s super neat to explore pole studios around the world to see what different regions offer. Besides Tantra Fitness, what pole studios have you danced at around the globe?