What is Aerial Arts? Part 2

The world of Aerial Arts is so vast that we had to break our plethora of information about the sport into two posts. Last week we spoke about a few different types of classes that you can take in the world of Aerial Arts and you can check that our HERE. There really is something for everyone and once you try out these awesome classes, you will want to explore all different aerial avenues.

Aerial Fit: It's the apocalypse. You want to survive. You must be prepared. Food and water are at the ready, but is your body? No previous aerial experience required but it will definitely help your plight as we use both the hoops and silks to condition and get our bodies ready for...well...just about anything. Some of the exercises will involve being upside-down using just your arms or your legs. Please wear form fitting clothes and long leggings for this reason!

Aerial Hammock L1: Have you taken Aerial Yoga and looking for something a bit more challenging? Are you totally comfortable inverting? If you answered yes to these two questions, you are ready for Aerial Hammock Level one. Learn the foundations of tricks and transitions in this class. There are 4 classes: Balsam, Birch, Fir and Pine. Collect all four colours as many times as you need before moving on to Level 2 Lab. Strengthen your core while you create shapes and learn tricks in the fabric. Lengthen muscles as you use this apparatus to dangle from. And most of all, have fun while you gain the vocabulary of basic aerial hammock and work on the strength you need to progress.

Aerial Hammock Lab: Aerial Hammock Lab is a nonprogressive course offering a variety of advanced hammock skills. Students must complete level 1 first. The course will consist of a warm-up, conditioning and combos or skills that vary from week to week. Students are welcome to make requests if they want to learn something in particular.

Supervised Aerial Practice: This gives current students enrolled in or students who have completed a 4-week course a chance to continue on their new skills!  An Instructor will be on duty to help you with your personal wish list.  The class will start with a warm-up and conditioning before you get on your chosen apparatus.  Again, you must be currently enrolled in, or have completed a 4-week Silks or Aerial Hoop Course! Supervised Aerial Practice starts with a mandatory warm-up.

Oh, guess what we are also doing for the month of April? We are offering a FREE Intro to Aerial Hoop at Tantra Fitness Mt. Pleasant. This class is at 1:10pm on Saturday so check it out FOR FREE.