Men Can Pole: Alex Hart’s Story

One of our favourite things about Alex Hart is that he is breaking the stereotype of who society thinks is a "pole athlete." Alex is a 55-year young pole athlete who will be competing at this year’s Canadian Pole Fitness Association Championships (a.k.a. Nationals). In fact, Alex will be the oldest competitor this year.

Alex, a single father of 2 boys (who are now grown up), had various jobs in farming, logging, and on the oil rigs. To break a sweat he would train in martial arts, jujitsu and currently enjoys surfing, partnered social dancing and pole fitness.

He owns an automotive repair shop and has been a mechanic for many years. He used to spend many hours at gyms (bench pressing 300 pounds and doing heavy weight training) but had never had a six pack until he trained on the pole. Alex’s pole journey began in 2015 and that’s when he truly felt inspired.

“I was inspired when I saw Lyne Wainright compete in the 2015 B.C. Provincials Masters Division at 61 years young. That girl really brought it and gave her all in that performance. I realised it's not all over at 35 years old in the world of pole dance. In 2016 I submitted a video for CPFA, and was accepted to compete. That year I won the Provincials but wasn't good enough (yet) to go to Nationals. However, this year I get to compete in Nationals,” Alex shared.

Being physically active isn’t always easy for Alex because he had a hip injury and surgery shortly after being born and has never bean able to run or dance well. Also, he has had a few lower back injuries since he was 18 years old that at times have kept him bedridden for months at times. A former Tantra Fitness student told Alex about the world of pole fitness and he bought an introductory course in 2012. Sadly, due to a back injury flare up, he didn't get to use his pass until 2015.

“Tammy and Tanta honoured the package even though it was long expired. I have found that the Tantra community and pole dance community are fun, supportive, non-judgemental, open minded, and [Tantra] is a safe place to be oneself, train, make friendships and get/stay in shape.”

Alex also said, “since starting pole dancing/fitness my back injuries are flaring up way less frequently.”

Alex has become fond of competing and continues to inspire other pole athletes around the world. He proves that age and gender don't matter and that if you want to compete, you should!

“The Canadian Championships is my second contest entered in Canada. I did compete in Seattle in November and [competed] in L.A on April 9th. I [may] plan to compete in the U.S. Nationals in August 2017. I think pole fitness is for everyone in any shape or form any anyone can benefit from it."

What pole has done for Alex is help him identify what parts of his body need strength and flexibility. If you are a male and thinking about trying out Pole, Alex has some wise words for you:

“[Pole] is a low injury body weight exercise and a great way to round out your training. It’s like dance and gymnastics and weightlifting in one sport. Everybody is scared or nervous to try something new. Guys should think that every woman in that gym had to fight with her own demons before she walked in and tried something new... be brave, life favours the brave.”

CPFA Nationals are June 9-10, 2017 in Vancouver, BC at the Annex Theater. Follow them on Facebook to stay in the know about the competition and don't forget to get your tickets to be in the audience.