T.G.I.S.S. Showcase

Our über popular TGIFF showcase night has changed to Saturday night! So we are now calling it T.G.I.S.S. = Thank Goodness It’s Sexy Saturday!! Come out for a night of spectacular entertainment! From solo to group performances, choreographed by instructors and students, it will be an exciting evening of dance and entertainment. Join us for some fun, be mesmerized and inspired … Read More

Sonja Sloane Workshops Vancouver

Level up Ladies! Intermediate – must be able to climb and invert: Students who have been taking exotic dance for a while and are comfortable climbing and inverting will enjoy a class where they can take their exotic game to the next level. New transitions on the pole will be explored as well as learning how to smooth out transitions … Read More

Tess Holiday Cosmo Cover

This particular subject does not exclusively pertain to pole dancing but I thought it was worthy of a blog post.  A couple of weeks ago, the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine unveiled the cover of their September issue featuring plus-size model Tess Holiday. She appears in a beautiful green one-piece swimsuit, hand on her waist and blowing a kiss to … Read More

Getting Through Pole “Plateaus”

The narrative is classic. You start a fitness regimen, you’re motivated, you’re consistent and you begin to see some changes, and then, nothing. In terms of a weight loss journey in which a low calorie diet was followed this can be due to the loss of muscle which often comes along with a weight loss journey. Considering that muscle burns … Read More