One Doctor’s Journey to Becoming A Pole Champion: Anna von Rossum

The love of pole is not discriminatory and the sport embraces a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds and professions.  Anna von Rossum took her first pole class in the summer of 2012 and her life changed forever. By day she is a Doctor in Immunology and by night she’s both a pole champion and teacher at Tantra Fitness. … Read More

Veronica Solimano. The road to being a Pole Dancing Champion.

For many young athletes, the desire to compete leaves a void after they peak in their “prime” and move on to other aspirations. Filling that competitive void is somewhat of a challenge to most; however, Veronica found her competitive spirit and fell in love with sports all over again. This time, she fell in love with pole dancing. Her passion … Read More

Feeling Muscles You Never Knew You Had?

Tantra Fitness Pole Fitness Class Vancouver

That’s great news! This is your body giving you feedback on how effective your workout was. Muscle soreness can happen when you first start an exercise program. As you get used to the exercise, the soreness will start to dissipate a little. That’s when you know that it’s time to kick it up a notch. Tantra Fitness offers progressive classes … Read More

Isn’t Pole Dancing for Strippers?

Worried about what other people would think of me, I hesitated before clicking the hot pink “Sign Up Now!” button for my first pole dancing class. The stigma surrounding the pole was the only thing holding me back: isn’t pole dancing for strippers? I was a little nervous about what my friends would think, nonetheless I confessed to my best … Read More