Under Construction

We're getting a new registration system!

The Tantra Fitness website will be down until 12pm on Monday, May 22nd, while we move away from our old system, "MindBody" to implement an improved system called "ScheduleHouse". Monthly plan members will be able to register for classes ahead of time, even before the end date of their current month — no more in-person requests for early class registrations before your current month end date — hoorah!)

You can get a sneak preview by visiting the "ScheduleHouse" website or downloading it to your phone or tablet (see links below).

Please bear in mind that the system is encrypted to protect your financial data, so you'll also have to re-enter your credit card info in ScheduleHouse, as we were not able to transfer your credit card details to the new system.

Simply click on the link below that is your Home Studio:

ScheduleHouse for GASTOWN

ScheduleHouse for MT. PLEASANT

ScheduleHouse for RICHMOND

ScheduleHouse for BURNABY

Download the app

Download ScheduleHouse to your phone or tablet:



We estimate that the website will be up by 12pm Monday, May 22nd; please check back after this time.
We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

The Tantra Fitness Team