Unique Stagette Party Ideas

Most girls dream of their wedding day from a young age and as they get older, they begin to fantasize about a small but significant part of their wedding: their stagette. Not only are they thinking about this night, which celebrates them getting married to the love of their life, but usually the bride’s friends are pretty excited to throw a memorable celebration. The world is your oyster when it comes to planning a stagette and here, at Tantra Fitness, we have a few unique options for you.

Circus Parties 

In 1984 Cirque De Soliel is a Canadian entertainment company that is based in Montreal, Quebec. Over the years this company grew in popularity and their performances can be seen around the globe. Right here, in Vancouver, you can learn this style of performance right here at Tantra Fitness. Having a Circus Party for the stagette is a unique and fun way to celebrate. You have the option of learning now to use silks, aerial hoops or both!

Aerial Yoga Parties

Are you a lover of yoga and have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly? If so, you should experience aerial yoga. This type of party allows for creative exploration by using the silks for aerial yoga. Because you do not have the floor to block you, you will be able to sink deeper into your poses. This style of yoga is unique and we are one of the main companies that offer this in Vancouver.

Aerial Hammock Parties 

If dancing is a passion of the bride then you and your squad should have an Aerial Hammock Party, which is basically dancing in the air. During this party, you will learn inversions and poses that will give you a chance to work on transitions in an aerial hammock. This is a wild and unique experience that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Pole Parties

The timeless pole party is a great way to explore the sexy in you. Our pole dance and lap dance party routines have all been choreographed by Tammy Morris, Tantra’s Head Instructor and Founder.

While riding the wedding planning wave, remember that we can host that one last fling before the ring and give your bride an awesome party to remember. Oh yah, are you and your bride’s tribe attending the Wedding Fair at the Westin Bayshore on January 13, 14th or 15? Tantra Fitness has a present for you inside each of the bride bags.

Give us a call at 604-738-7653 to book or inquire about any of our stagette/bachelorette packages.