Studio Spotlight: Tantra Fitness

Tammy-Morris-Tantra-Fitness-studio-spotlight-confessions of a twirly-girl-2011

Lori Myers interviewed Tammy Morris about her lifestyle, and the definitions around Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness:

What do you think about the stripper vs. pole fitness debate?
I am constantly standing up for Pole Fitness as a sport.  I am not trying to fool anyone, Pole Dancing has predominately been for stripping but it has also been used in Cirque (Chinese Pole) and Mallakhamb (an traditional Indian Sport). It is really just a vertical pole compared to a parallel bar.  If you do not take your
clothes off while you are on it, it's not stripping.  It's frustrating to me to know that people are so closed minded that they cannot see that.  The type of people involved in Pole Fitness are gymnasts, artists, computer techs, students, housewives, etc...  not strippers. We are slowly educating the public to see it as a sport and there will be a day that people see it as a fitness rather than something only for strippers.

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