1. Start with Intro to Pole to learn the basics of pole dancing (included in the First Class or 2 Week Trial)!
  2. After you've taken Intro to Pole, start with the Pole 101 series (Included in Punchcard or Memberships). 

There are 2 series in Pole 101:

Black series: 8 Static Pole classes (wear leggings/capri's, something that covers the back of the knees)
Grey Series: 4 Spin Pole classes (wear shorts)

Take the classes in any order! You will learn a spin and transition move combo in each class.

Want to learn some pole choreography? Try Lyrical Pole L1, Exotic Dance L1 and Beginner Pole Flow once you've taken 2 or 3 Pole 101 classes!

Not your first time taking a pole dancing class? Talk to the front desk about your past experience to receive suggestions on which level to start with.

Click HERE for more details and to see all our pole fitness classes.