Gravity Vertical Education

Tantra Fitness presents to you the Gravity Vertical Education Online Pole Fitness Certification Course approved by the Canadian Pole Fitness Association and canfitpro.

Gravity Vertical Education is the first and only online pole fitness certification course offering 130-page downloadable manuals, supplementary online videos, and practical components to ensure you are ready to embark on your journey as a Pole Fitness Instructor. Our Online Courses are a step in the right direction to establishing yourself in this exciting and growing industry!

Our training methods have been developed by renowned pole fitness expert, Tammy Morris. With over 15 years of experience in the pole fitness industry, combined with a team of outstanding personal trainers, fitness experts, and dance instructors, Tammy’s knowledge and expertise will ensure you are totally prepared for your career as a Certified Pole Fitness Instructor.

We currently offer two certifications levels, Beginner and Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor training. Additionally, we offer continuing education credits workshops.

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Fitness Knowledge Course

The Fitness Knowledge Course is a prerequisite for becoming a Pole Fitness Instructor and Fitness Trainer. Even if you do not plan on becoming a certified fitness instructor, you can benefit from this course to improve your well-being.

The Fitness Knowledge Course it is approved for 16 Canadian Pole Fitness Association CEC's.  You will learn how the body functions and responds to exercise and you will increase your awareness of fitness and health. You will comprehend how exercise improves your physical, social and emotional well-being. This is an online course, consisting of a 212 page downloadable manual, theory and practical evaluations. This course will further prepare you to challenge the provincial fitness exam for Canada ( BCRPA, canfitpro, etc), if you wish to do so.

Cost: $135 CAD, includes all materials and evaluations

~ Please note evaluations are free of charge only within six months from enrolment date ~

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Online Pole Fitness Courses

Level I: Pole 101 Only

This online course is $450. Click on the PayPal Link to Get Course Access

Level II: Pole 202 Only

This online course is $450. Click on the PayPal Link to Get Course Access

Level III: Pole 101 & 202

Get Access to both Courses for $800. Click on the PayPal Link to Get Course Access

About Gravity Vertical Education

Gravity Vertical Education is an international pole fitness academy. We are dedicated to educating instructors by providing knowledge, resources, and training to safely and effectively instruct pole fitness anywhere in the world. Our goal is to offer the highest quality pole fitness instructor training available in our industry.

GVE is also recognized by the Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) and canfitpro. Our courses can earn 16 CEC’s with the CPFA or 3 CEC’s with canfitpro. Day workshops are worth 3 CEC’s for canfitpro, and 8 CEC’s for CPFA.

Included in the Course

The Gravity Vertical Education Online Course includes:

  • 20 hours of quality education (theory and practical)
  • Over 100 page downloadable manuals for lifetime access
  • Online video tutorials by Tantra Fitness Tutorials
  • Assignments to apply the knowledge
  • E-mail and Skype support
  • Theory and practical evaluations

For detailed information on course objectives, outline, and manual content please visit the following links:—pole-101.html—pole-202.html

About Gravity Vertical Education

Gravity Vertical Education will grant you a certificate recognized by the Canadian Pole Fitness Association once you have finished the following tasks:

  • Completed the manual including all assignments
  • Completed your teaching evaluation with Gravity Vertical Education
  • Obtained your Fitness Theory with a Certificate of Completion
  • Passed the written exam with 80% or higher
  • If you wish to become registered with the CPFA as a qualified Pole Fitness Instructor and obtain insurance:

Contact the CPFA with your GVE Certificate, Emergency First Aid/CPR C, and proof of having completed 24 hours of teaching practicum.

You will have ONE YEAR to complete all of the steps above in order to obtain your registration number and your professional liability insurance.

Use your registration number to apply for $2,000,000 professional liability insurance that will cover you wherever you go starting at $275 a year.

For more information regarding instructor registration and instructor insurance go to: