Marley has loved the fine arts ever since she could remember. On Thanksgiving of 2015, she discovered pole dancing at Brass Vixens and has not looked back since. When she is not being a pole ninja, she is a proud thespian and a lover of all things geeky and heavy metal.


Emmy has been pole dancing for three years at Studio Chic London in Ontario and has recently begun competing on the Canadian Pole Fitness stages. Emmy loves to use her musical theatre background to bring her performances to life. For this piece, Emmy tapped into her emotional struggle in a world dominated by technology and how she uses her dance to reconnect to those around her and feel more “human.” Enjoy!


I started to have an interest in pole fitness back in March 2014, had tried out a 6-week level 1 session. I had not gotten back into pole fitness until almost 2 years later. Starting back up in November 2015, I was hooked and progressed through many levels throughout 2016. This is my first pole competition that I’ve entered in and also my first ever pole routine. I’ve become super confident in myself ever since starting pole fitness and I plan to keep going.


Growing up, Jespeter was a classically trained dancer and loved everything expressive and artistic. She dabbled in many different types of sports and dance. She became a certified swimming instructor and lifeguard for a couple of years then competed both in Latin ballroom and fencing for three years. After many failed attempts to acquire any upper body strength training at the gym, she decided to take a class at Tantra Fitness. There she learned a whole new world of calisthenic artistry of pole art and, like many others before her, has been hooked ever since.