Alex was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She discovered the world of pole fitness through a pole party. Her passion for pole quickly took off, and before she knew it she was attending multiple classes per week at VogueFit. In 2016, Alex proudly became a teacher at VogueFit as well. Although she can be somewhat shy in day to day life, Alex loves using pole performances as an outlet for her creativity. In addition to performing, Alex also loves making costumes.


My name is Sachi Keller.. most people know me as Onyx and i’ve been pole dancing for a long time.. I love how pole dancing makes me transform on stage… its a constant evolving art form and extremely empowering.. I have many pole idols that have influenced me in such a positive way.. From Tara Meyer to Travis Scott.. Enough influence to ambitiously sign up for all three categories! I’m hoping i’m not biting off more than I can chew.. Being able to juggle both my exotic dancing career and pole fitness at the same time proves that i’m up for the challenge


Pole fitness is my passion, my outlet, a place where I can be authentic and share my heart and burning desires. Life is not easy, and with all of its twists and turns it’s often a huge challenge to keep carrying on. Pole fitness has filled me with so much courage, confidence and purpose to overcome my fears. And I have made so many amazing friends along the way! To have this wonderful opportunity to perform on a National stage for my second time means to be living my dream and following my destiny. Thank you so much for this chance to share with all of you what I love doing most. I hope to move the crowd with my performance and am so excited to continue on this amazing journey.


Alessa is a Montreal pole dancer that has been performing for the past 5 years. She is passionate by the merge of pole dancing and contemporary dance. For her, pole dancing serves as a purpose of movement exploration. It represents a contact and a separation with the floor, which consists of a beautiful way to play with gravity and a way to express herself in this artistic space.


Lauren Sarah has been competing in pole fitness since 2014. She is passionate about teaching pole and is the proud owner of Embrace – Pole Art & Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta. Her most recent achievement is winning first place in the Level 4 Championship division of the Northwest Pole Championships. Lauren is excited to be taking part in the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships and looks forward to sharing the stage with the talented dancers from across Canada.


Jane is a full-time realtor and single mom with four children: Alexandra (22), Leif (11), Sienna (9) and Ever (7). Jane started pole dancing 4 years ago and was immediately hooked. As a realtor and busy mom, she spends most of the year wishing she could attend more pole classes – so she’s thankful that competition season forces her to find the time to train and get into the studio. It wouldn’t be possible, of course, without Tantra’s front desk staff opening the studio early and allowing her to train outside of regular studio hours. Thanks Peta! This is Jane’s third year competing at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship – and her first time competing on the national level!


Libby Ives is a Mississauga based pole fitness instructor, choreographer, and performer with a background in ballet and jazz dance. As well as traditional pole, she performs on aerial flying pole with Toronto's Cirque Sublime. She is currently in the process of writing her own instructional pole book. Outside of the sport, Libby's main interests include food, arts and crafts projects, and her cats.


Originally from Mexico, Anna has lived in many places but now calls Vancouver home. She trained in classical ballet since she could walk but eventually left the art to pursue school; she now has a Ph.D. in immunology and is a full-time scientist in immunotherapy. Anna re-awakened her passion for dance and athleticism when she discovered aerial arts in 2011, she started at Tantra Fitness in the winter of 2013 where she currently trains and instructs. Anna was the BC Pole Fitness amateur champion in 2014, the semi-pro champion in 2015, 2nd runner up in pro division in 2016, and first place winner at the Northwest Pole Championships in 2016.


Kris is a native of Toronto, and a longtime fitness enthusiast. In 2006, Kris became a Can-Fit Pro certified Personal Trainer, teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes—since then, however, she has chosen to focus exclusively on aerial arts. Kris is honoured to have served as a judge at several pole fitness competitions, and has performed in numerous competitions and showcases herself. Kris currently teaches at the Pole House, in London, Ontario. Kris particularly enjoys the social aspect of pole dance, so she loves teaching classes and meeting new people in the pole community. When Kris is not upside down on a pole, she is usually spending time with her two dogs, Cash and Sedona.