Adam has a passion for all types of dance and began his training at the young age of 3. Starting with Ukrainian dance and then taking a keen interest in ballet, his desire to perform allowed him to get a job dancing on cruise ships where he visited over 43 countries! He most recently discovered the art of pole fitness in October of 2015 and has found it to be the perfect combination of strength, movement, and athleticism. Adam’s career as a Registered Nurse allows him the flexibility to maintain an active lifestyle, and he enjoys group fitness classes, weightlifting, and exploring various styles of dance to keep himself fit. Married to his high school sweetheart, Adam enjoys travelling with his partner and they are looking forward to starting a family someday.


I have been doing pole for 4 years. Pole has become a major part of my life and is a great stress reliever. I love to inspire others and get people interested in the sport.


Nick has been doing pole since March 2016 at Tantra Fitness. He discovered it when a friend recommended he should try it out over dinner. Wanting to regain an active lifestyle he agreed to attend a pole class. What first started as a fitness hobby soon became a passion. Being an RMT, Nick gained insight into the intensive training regimes that these amazing athletes put them through. He loves pole because it is a sport and an art that is evolving every day. After watching the amazing performances of all the althelets in the CPFA of 2016 Nick was inspired to be able to share the stage with all the amazing athletes he witnessed. He wishes all competitors best of luck. Special thanks go out to Rosalyn Mow, Micksteedman, and Julie Chapple for being his biggest supports and inspirations.


Growing up in the Philippines, Justin had no professional experience in dance or anything fitness related, moreover pole dance fitness. He graduated with a commerce degree and discovered the art of pole in October 2014. He then started training and feels truly blessed to be guided by the industry’s award-winning instructors here at his home pole studio, Vogue Fit. During his free time, he volunteers as an English tutor, while at the same time training his handstands and toe pointing.


Hi my name is Alex I have been pole dancing for almost two years, my goal is to have fun and do my best performance i can, and hope the audience likes it….


My name is Rob Morgan and I started pole dancing in November of 2014 at Okanagan Pole Dance Studio. I have performed in a handful of shows that the studio has put on, but this will be my first competition. Pole dancing has given me the opportunity to find new ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.