Maverick (née Rio) is an Ottawa-based performer and instructor at Cherry Blossom Aerial Dance Studio. When she’s not slamming her Pleaser heels, you can find her getting elbow-deep in a basket of ribs. Pole dancing has played a major role in building her self-confidence.


My name is Sachi Keller.. most people know me as Onyx and i’ve been pole dancing for a long time.. I love how pole dancing makes me transform on stage… its a constant evolving art form and extremely empowering.. I have many pole idols that have influenced me in such a positive way.. From Tara Meyer to Travis Scott.. Enough influence to ambitiously sign up for all three categories! I’m hoping i’m not biting off more than I can chew.. Being able to juggle both my exotic dancing career and pole fitness at the same time proves that i’m up for the challenge


Natalie fell in love with pole fitness after a stagette pole party where she and several friends were instructed in a pole dance lesson. Natalie was enamoured by the strength, beauty and grace that pole dancing presented as it combined her athleticism with a new form of fitness for which she was quickly hooked. In January 2009 Natalie opened Femme Natales Pole Fitness and has been instructing, performing, judging competitions, and choreographing ever since.
Natalie attributes pole dance fitness to transforming her into the stronger more confident woman she is today.
As an instructor Natalie hopes to continue sharing her passion for pole fitness and advocates her students to have fun while building confidence and beauty in themselves as they continue to exceed their expectations.
Natalie competed in the doubles category CPFA 2016 placing 1st at Provincials and 2nd at Nationals .


Asher is a pole fitness instructor with Aradia Fitness Edmonton. She has been involved with pole for the last 3 years and continues to grow in her journey every day. When she isn’t in the studio, she is spending time with her 2 kids and working on her contortion goals! This is her first time competing in any pole competition and is excited to see where this opportunity may take her! She is excited that there is finally a exotic category offered this year with CPFA since she loves wearing her heels for every pole related occasion!


Lethal Legs also Known as Andrea is the owner of Cherry Blossom Studio Ottawa! She has over 10 years of pole dancing and teaching experience. In her spare time she enjoys training at the studio and meeting new people to dance with!