Pole 202 Black & Grey Series

Now that you have learned the basics, we will start to put the moves into sequences and routines. While continuing to condition your body you will also learn some transitional moves so you can start to dance and this is when you start to burn more calories. You will safely learn a new and challenging combo each class strengthening your muscles for the next level. 

There are 2 series in level 202: Black (Static Pole) & Grey (Spin Pole). Black has 8 classes and Grey has 4 classes.

Start with Black or Grey series or take them both together.
Attend all shades of Black (8) and Grey (4) in any order.
Repeat any series or class over again until you feel confident and ready to move to 303! 

Class names and moves learned in each class:

STATIC POLE Attire: Pants or tights that cover the back of the knee to reduce friction. Runners or barefoot.

Carbon - Vleg Spin & Long Pose Dip
Coal - Rockstar Spin & Pivot Steps
Ebony - Diamond Spin & Can Can Crossover
Jet - Pirate Spin & Double Steps
Midnight - Ballerina Spin & Bucking Horse
Onyx - Lazy Boy Spin & Proposal
Raven - Attitude & Cross Over Spin with Leg Sweeps
Slate - Windtunnel & Step Ball Change

Beginner - Intermediate

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  • Prerequisites

    Must be comfortable with Pole 101 curriculum

  • Similar Classes

    Pole 202 is a signature program and is very unique

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