Getting Through Pole “Plateaus”

The narrative is classic. You start a fitness regimen, you’re motivated, you’re consistent and you begin to see some changes, and then, nothing. In terms of a weight loss journey in which a low calorie diet was followed this can be due to the loss of muscle which often comes along with a weight loss journey. Considering that muscle burns … Read More

Becoming a Pole Instructor

My name is Sonja Sloane and I worked as an instructor at Tantra Fitness for almost 10 years. I recently ended my tenure due to a move across the country. Thankfully my pole mamma and dear friend, Tammy Morris, has found a way to keep me on the pay roll by asking me to contribute to the blog. As an … Read More

Find Your Confidence

As a shy, awkward kid with giant coke bottle glasses and no breasts, I longed to fit in. I even embraced kids laughing at me, just as long as they were paying attention to me at all. It’s sad but true that kids can be total assholes. It doesn’t make the arrival into your teens and early twenties easy at … Read More

Tantra Fitness App Now Available

The most fun you’ll have working out. Pole Fitness, Dance Fitness, and Aerial Arts classes right at your fingertips. Login to see your schedule, membership information, visit and payments history, cancel a reservation, and even purchase your favourite services. Download this App today!

Tantra Tutorials: Take Classes Anywhere in the World

The beautiful thing about technology is that it has the ability to allow us to have experiences that may not be possible without it. What we are referring to, in this case, is the ability to take pole/dance lessons from the comfort of your own home with our very own Tantra Tutorials. How does it work? Tantra Tutorials is considered … Read More